Castbridge FAQs & Support

While I try hard to make Castbridge work as smoothly as possible, sometimes a little support is necessary. Before sending me an email, please check if your question is answered below. I promise, doing so will be far faster than an email exchange.

Using Castbridge

Does Castbridge support AirPlay 2?

While I'd love for Castbridge to support AirPlay 2 at some point, I currently have no plans to do so.

I'm experiencing a lag when casting, especially to a Chromecast Group. Can I make this go away?

TL;DR: Unfortunately not, sorry.

This lag has two causes. The first is plain-old network lag: it takes time for the device from which tou're casting to send the audio data to Castbridge, and it takes time for Castbridge to send it on to your Chromecast. The second reason is that Apple built a fixed delay into the AirPlay protocol that I have no control over.

Can I use Castbridge to cast to multiple Chromecasts at once?

Yes you can! To do so, just create a Chromecast speaker group, then cast to it using Castbridge. (Wondering how to create a speaker group? Click here.)

Can I run Castbridge on my iPhone or iPad?

Unfortunately, no. Castbridge works by creating a virtual AirPlay device, which is against Apple's App Store rules. This means that Castbridge cannot be sold in the App Store, and thus cannot be used on iOS Devices.

Can I run Castbridge on my Windows computer or Linux machine/Raspberry Pi?

Castbridge is currently available only for macOS, but a Linux or Windows version is certainly in the cards for the future. If you'd be interested in such a thing, please sign up here. Doing so will not only ensure that you find out if Castbridge for Windows/Linux ever comes to be, but also helps me to gauge interest.

NOTE: "In the cards" does not mean "will happen" (or even "is likely"). I make no promises that Castbridge for Windows/Linux will ever exist.

Billing and Licensing

Help! I didn't receive (or lost) my license key! Could you resend it?

Sure, please reach out to [email protected] with your order number.

Castbridge doesn't work for my use case, can I return it?

I strongly encourage everyone to use the free trial to ensure that Castbridge works for their use-case and with their setup. The trial is fully featured, with the sole exception that static will be applied after casting for ten minutes. (This static is deliberately quite noticeable, and you won't miss when it begins.) Unfortunately, that means all sales are final and I'm unable to offer any refunds.

How will Castbridge appear on my credit card statement?

Your purchase of Castbridge will appear on your credit card statement as FS *

None of that answered my question.

Sorry about that! Please reach out at [email protected], and we'll get it straightened out.

Fair warning: Castbridge is a one-man show put on by me in my free time. This means when life gets busy, Castbridge sometimes gets behind. While I strive to read every email, I may not be able to respond to each one (especially in a timely fashion). I've chosen this path because I think it's better for Castbridge to exist—imperfectly—then not exist at all. I hope you agree. I'm very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.